Discrete Mathematics

Problem Set Omega Highlights

Here are some interesting submissions for Problem Set Omega (roughly grouped by topic). Thanks for all the entertaining and illuminating submissions!


Logical Operators
Helen Simecek

Carlos Goes Birdwatching (A story about binary operations for middle school students)
Derrick Chien Huang, Andrea Chang, Jennifer Qian

Binary Relation Properties (comics)
Lalita Mallapragada

Truth Table Game

Logic Game [JAR]
Temuulen Khurelbaatar

Yiming Wang, Mike Wang, Yingqing Huang

Set Theory

Sets and Superheroes
Matt Huo, Joe Karaki

Maria Jose Hito Ramos

Angry Birds: Set Relations
Brian Li

To Infinite Sets and Beyond!
Justin Barry, Monique Mezher, Robert Klemchek, Ayman Mobin

Call of Duty and Countable Infinities
Aarron Braxton, Shreyas Hirway


Induction Rap
Milan Bharadwaj

Recursive Nesting Dolls
Casey Bowler

Six Degress of Separation [PPTX]
Fan Feng

Tracy’s Christmas Question [PDF]
Ryann Consalo, Megan Greatorex

Basketball Induction
Josh Davis

Muhammad Sareini

State Machines

Baseball Game State Machine
Mason Au, Bobby Stephens, and Kevin Warshaw

A Beginner’s Manual to Dust Cultivation
Jessica Emmons

Echo Chamber: The Greatest Model of 2016 Voter Behavior
Neel Kaushal and Arpit Rupakhetee

Gumball State Machine
Priya Nakhre

Modeling Mario Party with State Machines
Benjamin Fuhrman

State Machines and Breakdancing
Kenny Le

Java Knights (code in Word document)
Connor Albrecht, William Brayshaw, Matthew Anderson

Halted (Lyrics for Pieces by Sum 41)
Rick Yanhao Zhao

Recursive Datatypes

Recursive Data Types for Introductory CS Students
Matthew Keitelman

Recursive Music
Jiahong Chen, WenBin Qi

Bifurcating Trees
Youbeen Shim, James Mekavibul

Stable Matching

The Bachelor (Stable Matching Dating Show!)
Samantha Chu, Nicole Pope, Nancy Lee

5 Disney Princesses (to the tune of “5 Little Monkeys”)
Nirali Shah

Pokemon: I Choose You (A Beginner’s Guide to the Gale-Shapely Algorithm) [Slideshow]
Ying Lai, Chris Fassoth, Barry Chin, Rachel Yi

Stable Marriage: Harry Potter Edition (Game)
Utkarsha Bhave, Anne Marie Lee, Jessica Virden

Gingerbread Matching
Baylor Towne

Stable matching as told by six gingerbread gnomes looking for love. Their preference lists are ranked from most preferred to least preferred. Nicholas proposes to the first on his list - Noelle. She accepts since she is not paired with anyone. Then Yule also proposes to Noelle who is currently matched with Nicholas. Since Noelle much prefers Yule above Nicholas, she happily accepts Yule’s proposal and Nicholas is kicked out of the pairing. Kris and Ginger are each other’s top choices, so Ginger accepts Kris’s proposal. Now Nicholas can propose to his second choice, Holly, who, although she prefers Yule, will settle with Nicholas since Yule is already happily paired with Noelle. The stable matching is listed at the bottom of the picture, and it is stable because there is no pair in which one member prefers someone else who also prefers them. With these specific preference lists, this is the only stable matching that could occur.

Stable Matching
Maria Jose Hito Ramos

Stable Matchmakers (Comic) [PDF]
Lauren Phan, Grace Harders

Gale-Shapley’s Hotline Bling [PDF]
Karan Dhillon, Bennett Clougherty, Jessica Ewing

Anna Wu, Lan Jiang

A Millennial’s Guide To Discreet Stable Matching (as explained with Tinder)
Fazlah Rahaman

Harry Potter house matching [Code]
Mengjia Luo, Allison Chow

Gale-Shapley Comic
Meeka Meng

Stable Matching [Taxman Lyrics]
Sahan Pandey

Proof Methods

Santa Claus: [PPTX]
Winston Frick

Phenomenal Proof (based on Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman)
Zeeshan Mir


Discrete Dubs (W’s) (Rap Song)
Nicholas Georgiou, Melony Bennis, Noah Harlow, Justin Mooney, Amelia Naegele, Emma Bono

Nancy Zhang, Peter Cybriwsky, Sohum Sontakke