Discrete Mathematics

Office Hours Schedule

The tentative office hours schedule is posted below. The schedule may be adjusted as the semester progresses, and updates will be posted here and in the course calendar (and late changes will be announced in the slack group also).

Dave’s office hours are in Rice 507; Mohammad’s office hours are in Rice 511; the TA’s office hours are in Rice 436.

10:45-11:45amMohammad Mahmoody (Rice 511)
1:00-2:00pmBhuvanesh Murali (Rice 436)
3:00-4:30pm Helen Simecek (Rice 436)
9:30am-12:30pm Jack Herd (9:30-11am), Nate Olsen (10-11:30am), Michael Woon (11am-12:30pm) (Rice 436)
3:30-5pm Henry Spece (3:30-5pm) (Rice 436)
6-8:30pm Joeseph Tobin (6-8pm), Anna Wu (7-8:30pm) (Rice 436)
9:30am-1:30pm Colin Harfst (9:30-11am), Michael Woon (10:30am-noon), Anna Wu (noon-1:30pm) (Rice 436)
2:30-3:30pm David Evans (Rice 507)
3:00-9pm Bhuvanesh Murali (3-5pm), Helen Simecek (3:30-5pm), Yasasvini Puligundle (5-6pm), Xueying Bai (6-7pm), Fan Feng (7-8:30pm), Nate Olsen (7:30-9:00pm) (Rice 436)
9am-noon Amar Singh (9am-10:30), Xiao Zhang (10-11am), Prashant Gorthi (11am-noon) (Rice 436)
3:30-9pm Henry Spece (3:30-5pm), Zheng Wang (4-5pm), Jack Herd (5-6:30pm), Colin Harfst (6-7:30pm), Amar Singh (7-8:30pm), Fan Feng (7:30-9pm) (Rice 436)