Discrete Mathematics


Here are some links to suggested additional resources for students who would like to have more examples and alternate presentations of the material we cover in class and the textbook covers.


Book of Proof, Richard Hammack

This is a creative commons textbook all about proofs, that includes many of the topics we cover in cs2102. Chapter 5 is on Contrapositive Proof and Chapter 6 is on Proof by Contradiction.

Lectures in Discrete Mathematics, Edward A. Bender and S. Gil Williamson

This course is structured quite differently from our course, but covers many of the same topics with many examples. The most likely useful chapters for cs2102 students are: Logic, Sets and Functions, Inductions, Sequences and Series.


Mathematics for Computer Science

This is an MIT course, which the textbook we use developed from. There are may example problems (some with solutions) that were used in the class.

Stanford cs103

The first 13 classes cover similar topics to cs2102; the rest of the course is more like cs3102.

Berkeley CS70

Not much material is available on-line, but see Mike Clancy and David Wagner’s version of the course from 2005.


Wolfram Alpha is very good at doing most of the algebra, calculation, etc. you would encounter in this class. It is also pretty good at logic.